Day Night Cycle from Children’s Virtual World

SARF was definitely one of the most fun projects we’ve worked on over the past couple of years and we wanted to show off a little gameplay footage from it as unfortunately it never saw the light of day.  We were tasked with the creation of 100% of the assets from lush detailed backdrops to the sound effects in this 2.5d isometric flash-based Childrens virtual world.

In this video you can see some of the gorgeous multi-layered backgrounds which comprised the game environment and our 2D sprited characters which were all created and animated in 3D and then rendered out into 2D sprite sheets.  Many of the characters and environments live on to this day in our Portfolio so make sure to take some time to find them as they are all visual gems.

[raw][youtube_video id=”3PvRk2Tlem8″ height=”” width=””][/raw]