Developer Interview: FrozenShad’s Isidro Tellez talks about World War II: TCG

We had a chance to sit down with Isidro Tellez from Frozen Shard, a company we’ve worked extensively with, to discuss their up coming Trading Card Game “World War II: TCG”.  They have just launched their Kickstarter Campaign and we definitely recommend checking it out:

Q: Well hello Isidro, first of all can you introduce FrozenShard to everyone?

IT: FrozenShard is an indie video game Studio from Barcelona, we funded the company almost a year ago in September 2012 and we are currently working on our first video game: “World War II: TCG” expected to be released on the Q3 of this year.

Q: That’s great, can’t wait to hear more about the game, but first, who forms the development team in FrozenShard?

IT: At the moment the development team is formed by three members, Christian Gascons who takes care of the programming, Marc Tormo who takes care of the design and me, Isidro Tellez, who handles the Production. We met seven years ago when we were working in Blizzard Entertainment and since then we gathered the experience we needed to create our own video game company and… here we are now!

Q: Awesome story, so there are no Artists in the studio, how do you handle that?

IT: We were a bit skeptic about this in the beginning but in the end it has been proved to be the best option for us at the moment. Hiring full time a reliable artist would suppose a huge investment on our end specially without having any income yet. So we explore other possibilities first with freelancing and then working with external Art studios to help us, that’s how we found Ironbelly Studios and Anastasios Polychronis, Ironbelly deals with the Interface of the game while Anastasios provides some really awesome Card Illustrations. We could not be happier how this has turned for us.

Q: Now, your first game is “World War II: TCG”, what can you tell us about it?

IT: Well, “World War II: TCG” will be a free-to-play multiplatform digital card game inspired by the Second World War historic events. The game will have more than 200 cards divided between Aircrafts, Tanks, Infantry units, items and orders, from 4 different factions (Germans, Americans, Russians and Japanese) and all based on historical references.

We have just launched the Kickstarter Campaign ( where you can find many more information about it.e540725d32c25722d9322d11aaef989e_large

Q: What platforms will the game be available?

IT: The game will be first released for iOS but we have plans to launch it for Android and PC (Facebook) very soon, note that a very cool feature about the game will be its cross-platform PvP, meaning that you will be able to face Android users while playing on Facebook or iOS.

Q: What do you think makes “World War II: TCG” better than other digital card games?

IT: Well I think we have a couple of strong points that makes “World War II: TCG” a clear candidate to be on the top of the digital card games:

The Art style: We managed to accomplish gives the game a unique warlike atmosphere that currently excels from the typical fantasy games that crowd the current market.

  • Strategic features: The game is not the typical “best deck wins” card game. We have introduced several strategic features that will force you to continually adapt to the game. A double unit deploy lane, promoting your own units, and dealing with random hands are some of the features that will make you have a more than one strategy in mind.

Cross-Platform PvP and never ending PvE: We want to make sure we attract every type of players and more important that we engage them, that’s why we created a cross-platform PvP system that will make sure you will always find someone to fight with. At the same time we are determined to keep adding content to the single player campaign with unique Missions and new campaigns so that you have always something cool to do in the game.

Q: Sounds really exciting, anything else you want to add?

IT: As I said before, we just launched the Kickstarter Campaign and we need all the help we can get, it started very promisingly but still there is a long road ahead, so all the sharing and backing we can get will be really appreciated, thanks a lot!